University Immersion

Applying what you have learned is an effective way of improving ones skills. Be exposed to one of the universities in Cebu – USPF and able to interact with the University Students.

These are the following activities:

1st week(once a week)

 University Tour, Self Introduction and Getting to know the students at USPF

 Class Observation – be able to observe the way of handling and teaching classes at the university and observe the difference

2nd week(once a week)

 Lecture Activity from the USPF Professor- experience and learn some lessons from the University Professor

 Class Interaction and Learning Activities

3rd week(once a week)

 Cultural Exchange Activity

 Teach Japanese Culture and Lessons to University Students

- Be able to experience teaching Japanese Culture / lessons to the university students. Share and interact.

4th week(once a week)

 Customer Service Practice – Improve your communication skills through learning some lessons and activities from the University Professor.

 Culminating Ceremony at USPF – Get certificate after 4 days of staying and participating the said activities.