Course Duration:

4-8 weeks (or longer if the student prefers to stay longer than usual)

Course Requirements:

Must achieve a 400 TOEIC Score on their Assessment Test.

Learning Objectives

 Improve their Listening and Academic Reading skills.

 Develop test-taking strategies specifically for the TOEIC test.

 Improve their TOEIC test scores.

Course Requirements

 Basic knowledge on TOEIC and the skills needed to perform well during the test.

"I can't speak english..."

Do you think so?

No, it is possible to anyone

If you are a NILS learning program, anyone will be able to speak English. Because NILS 's learning program is PDCA. PLAN (计划) DO (Execution) CHECK (执行) ACT (起色) First of all, I will decide TOEIC score goal and learning plan by entrance examination. Based on the plan, we will conduct daily learning and review and improve the learning plan according to the result by repeated simulated tests. We will do this PDCA targets. Repeat improvement until achievement. This is NILS 's learning program. NILS recommends with confidence, TOEIC Sparta course participation, lost will change to the real feeling of growth. First of all, take a courageous step, realize your daily growth as we do and do not achieve your goals? People who want to change are waiting!

VOCABULARY Different words are presented and how they are used. Sample sentences are given for them to be guided.
READING Can be very challenging but this subject highlights the best strategies that would help students arrive at the correct answer. Comprehension, generalization and linguistic skills are developed in this subject.
LISTENING Can be very hard since listening to a native speaker is not a common interest for most Asian students but this subject highlights the best strategies that would help them arrive at the correct answer. Comprehension, assumption and linguistic skills are developed in this subject.
WRITING Are presented and students are taught on the techniques in answering the written tests. Writing topics are presented and students are taught on the techniques in answering the written tests.
SPEAKING Question type familiarization. Students are trained how to respond to certain questions by finding the key points, right words, effective strategy and eventually deliver the best answers.
COACHING This subject would provide the student an assigned Teacher-Adviser who will assist them with their progress and also help them understand the lessons that they have difficulty. The Teacher-Adviser will track their daily progress and will further guide them as course goes on.
DISCUSSION This is a group class which aims to develop the communication skills of the student while using listening and speaking exercises and topics as basis for discussion.
MEDIA This is a group class that aims to develop the students understanding of the images being used in the TOEIC exam wherein the students are to formulate their own understanding and description of each images given. The Friday class will feature a Full Length English Film to which they will watch and understand. The students will use the film as a basis for their topics during discussion classes.
SELF-STUDY This subject aims to give the student the necessary time to review all materials learned on the day and be able to answer or finish activities due the next day.

4 Benefits of NILS Learning Program


· Provided numerous comprehensive simulation tests (17 mock tests, admission tests, intermediate tests and graduation tests)
· Since we have secured time for counseling and review after each simulated test, we specialize in surely overcoming weak points
· In addition to 8 hours of lessons every day, 30 minutes of word test.
The students could choose between 8 hours or 10 hours of class.
· Secure minimum learning time of 11 hours 30 minutes every day
· Mock examination on the 3rd week until the last day of school


The instructor is based on a qualified trainer, and is an excellent lecturer who trained. Because of specialized training in special subjects, lecturers who are specialists of each subject offer equally high quality classes to each student. The lecturer also regularly conducts the TOEIC official test, and analyzes the trend of the test. There is time for coaching (counseling), so there is an environment where each instructor will give parents learning advice to their students. The lecturer is also lecturers who spare no effort to achieve the target score by working hard together with the students.


· Since the instructor attends self-study time, what you do not understand is settled on the spot.


All on campus. For that reason, students in English all day long will communicate using English, which will lead to an improvement in speaking ability.

Not Satisfied Refund Policy

Based on the TOEIC score received in the entrance exam (TOEIC simulation test) or less than one month of entrance, the target achievement score is decided based on the one with the lower score. Based on the graduation test on the last day of the course of 12 weeks or the score of TOEIC received within one week, it is judged whether the goal has been achieved. If the goal is not met, we will apply a refund guarantee system.