Learn English Effectively on a short term basis we called The Golden Week!

Would you like to study abroad and improve your English ability but you don’t have enough time?

We recommend you the Golden Week plan of Language School NILS (Nils) with confidence! This is a short-term intensive course which receives one to one lesson of 10 hours a day according to each goal, so please have a look!

Why is it good to study abroad here in Cebu? What? Here is the Five reasons why!

As we all know, there are language schools in English all over the world. But the most popular destination for studying abroad is here in Cebu, Philippines. Why not America or Canada? There are five main reasons for this. Just keep on reading!

【Part 1】 English that is easier to hear than native language

Since we are born in Japan, we are using our Japanese language to communicate with others for decades and even for centuries. And because of this, it is hard to hear other people speaking English that we don’t usually hear.

However, people who can speak English in the Philippines is easier to understand rather than the native English speaker. In addition, the mother tongue of Cebu is Cebuano, and English is their official language.

In other words they were studying English as a language since they were young. This is different from native English “studying” and it became possible to speak English.

“You may think that you can not speak native English when you learn it from there, but Filipinos can literally speak English fluently and that is why they are famous for call center companies!

【Part 2】 Cebu School for English Language is much better than in Japan. Here is why!

If Cebu is in Japan, tuition fee is one third of Japanese English classroom. Please take a look at this document first.

Aeon ¥ 10,024
(50 minutes)
Number of times
(for 8 months)
Foreign Language Institute
¥ 16,740
(80 minutes)
Number of times
Nova 5,000 yen
(40 minutes)
Monthly tuition
Berlitz 8,856 yen
(40 minutes)
Number of times
(50 times)
Stone LC
¥ 6,083
(40 minutes)
Number of times
(64 times)

…isn’t great? This is the price exchange rate for major English conversation in Japan, compared with Nils that has a market price of 7,000 yen per middle mentioned here, it is shown in the table below!

Cost per lesson the amount
Japanese English classroom 7000 yen (price of tuition fee) 532,000 yen
Language School NILS (Nils) 2240 yen (tuition fee + etc) 170,000 yen

* Calculated in 76 hours of the total number of classes of Nils’ Golden Week plan
* Classes of 10 days a day for 8 days. The first 4 hours are excluded for orientation.

If you speak English conversation in Japan, it costs more than 500,000 yen, while Nils is just 17250 yen (basic rate, entrance fee, food expenses, utility fee, pick-up fee included)!

The profit is about 360,000 yen! Fishing is available even if the round trip flight fee (round trip is the cheapest and 60,000 yen * as of 2019/1/22 day ) is combined. In the Philippines, labor costs are low, so excellent teachers are paid with cheap tuition fees. There is no way to miss this opportunity! What?!

If you want to know more about studying at Golden Week, please contact us from here.

There is no exaggeration to say that in Philippines, it is possible to learn English because of the cheap tuition fees and they also conduct classes one on one with teachers. In Nils, on the other hand, it will be immersed in English for 10 hours a day on a one to one person basis. If you continue to speak English for 10 hours a day for 8 consecutive days you will surely feel that you are confident in speaking English.

And Nils is one of the few schools where “all classes are premised on one-to-one”.

[Part 4] I can use intensive study type New campus!

On the Nils campus, there are classical campuses where classrooms are just a short walk from the dormitory and there is a new campus for single rooms in all rooms. Both are selectable, but the new campus allows the teacher to come to the room so that the students can spend their preparations and reviews in their own hours at night without worrying being late. New campus is recommended for those who want to concentrate and study without being disturbed by anyone in a short period of one week.

【Part 5】 Put on the environment that requires English

This is not because it is Nils, but it is quite important. To go to English conversation school in Japan while studying on your own requires a considerable strong feeling. Since I am speaking Japanese, I feel that it is difficult to maintain speaking in English. I think that it is not attractive in Japan that you can listen to the local English radio and become a teaching material in Japan.

Introduction of the three courses by purpose of the Golden Week plan!

The three courses are prepared by the Golden Week plan.

1. Conversation course : Course to practice so that you can respond quickly in English
2. Conversation · Business Course : Course to master English for business use
3. TOIEC Course : Course to raise TOIEC score for employment / career change

The schedule is as follows (all dates are the same for all courses).

April 27(Saturday) Your travel
April 29 (Monday) Orientation + trial lesson
April 30 (Tuesday) Regular lesson
May 2 (Thursday) Regular lesson
May 3 (Friday) Regular lesson
May 4 (Saturday) Additional Lessons
May 5 (Sunday) Additional Lessons
May 6 (Monday) Your return home

In the Golden Week plan, an English teacher will take a lesson chosen according to the students’ course. (Changes are possible).

Then, I will introduce the details of each course!

1. Callan + Speaking course (conversation course)

What kind of things do you want to learn?

In this course, as a curriculum for improving English conversation, we will carry out “Karan method” class with English base words, grammar, pronunciation and so on.

Callan method is to ask English conversation of “English in listening to English, thinking in Japanese and speaking in English” from English conversation, “listen in English, think in English, speak in English”, “complete English brain” It is a lesson.

When speaking English, if you are working to convert to Japanese in your head like “subject is plural, verb is past tense”, no conversation will be established at all.

If you point at an apple and say “What’s this?”, You can say, “This is an apple” in English as it is in nature.

In this way, the classes that incorporate the Callan method that enables you to speak English as English are Callan + Speaking course.

Schedule ※

1st hour (8: 00 – 8: 50) Callan Method
2nd hour (9: 00 ~ 9: 50) Callan Method
3rd hour (10: 00 – 10: 50) lighting
4th hour (11: 00 ~ 11: 50) grammar
5th hour (12: 00 ~ 12: 50) word
6th hour (13: 00-13: 50) pronunciation
Lunch break (14: 00 ~ 14: 50)
7th hour (15: 00-15: 50) reading
8th hour (16: 00-16: 50) Coaching
9th hour (17: 00 ~ 17: 50) Speaking
10th hour (18: 00-18: 50) Speaking

* In case you took 10 hours class on New Campus

Recommended for people like this!

If you are not confident in English language, I think that it is good to start from here! I will test the academic ability on Monday’s orientation day and proceed with the student’s English level textbook, so I think that both beginners and intermediate people will be satisfied.

It is recommended course for those who want to become able to speak everyday conversation in English anyway.

2. Callan + Business Course (Business English and Conversation Course)

What kind of things do you learn?

In this course we will practice presentations at the company, along with Karan method, and study formal words and phrases that are appropriate for the business scene.

I think that it is hard to imagine, but in Japanese, “words used for friends everyday” and “the boss of the company, the word for the person who first met,” is not it? Roughly speaking it is more like “English of honorific expressions”.

This course will learn such things. For more information, please see ↓.

Schedule ※

1st hour (8: 00 – 8: 50) Callan Method
2nd hour (9: 00 ~ 9: 50) Callan Method
3rd hour (10: 00 – 10: 50) Business writing
4th hour (11: 00 ~ 11: 50) grammar
5th hour (12: 00 ~ 12: 50) Business word
6th hour (13: 00-13: 50) pronunciation
Lunch break (14: 00 ~ 14: 50)
7th hour (15: 00-15: 50) Business Reading
8th hour (16: 00-16: 50) Business Speaking
9th hour (17: 00 ~ 17: 50) Business Engling
10th hour (18: 00-18: 50) Coaching

* In case you took 10 hours class on New Campus

Recommended for people like this!

This course is for those who want to learn “business English” as their name suggests. For those who can not speak basic English, I think that this course is a little difficult because it is for “people who need to present in English” or “those who wish to work abroad or change jobs”. It is recommended course for students who have made basic English and want to use English in business ” want to brush up more than using English”.

3. TOIEC course

What kind of things do you learn?

Recommended course for those who are aiming for TOEIC score up, such as thinking about getting a job or changing jobs in English-speaking profession.

TOIEC has become a course to learn past trends and to solve past problems.

In this course you will choose from [TOEIC Listening · Reading or TOEIC speaking · writing]. Through practice, we will acquire measures to raise the score efficiently by getting used to the problem form.

In addition, lecturers who specialize in TOEIC are taught firmly to each student one by one. The vocabulary and expressions in TOIEC are similar to business English, so it is effective to learn together.

By repeating the simulation test over and over again for each lesson, you can always know “what level are you currently with respect to the target score”, “what can not be done and what can not be done” You can modify your study plan.

Schedule ※

1st hour (8: 00 – 8: 50) TOEIC Speaking / Listening
2nd hour (9: 00 ~ 9: 50) TOEIC Speaking / Listening
3rd hour (10: 00 – 10: 50) TOEIC Writing / Reading
4th hour (11: 00 ~ 11: 50) TOEIC Writing / Reading
5th hour (12: 00 ~ 12: 50) TOEIC Speaking / Listening
6th hour (13: 00-13: 50) TOEIC Speaking / Listening
Lunch break (14: 00 ~ 14: 50)
7th hour (15: 00-15: 50) TOEIC Writing / Reading
8th hour (16: 00-16: 50) TOEIC Writing / Reading
9th hour (17: 00 ~ 17: 50) Business Engling
10th hour (18: 00-18: 50) Business English

* In case you took 10 hours class on New Campus

Recommended for people like this!

It is recommended for those who want to raise the score in the short term, such as thinking about job hunting and changing jobs to work with English . However, since TOEIC itself is a highly difficult exam, if you are not confident in English, we recommend that you take a conversation course.

So, I introduced three plans of Golden Week! Well then , I guess I should go to Cebu to study. When thinking about it, I summarized the points that you often wonder under.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Does anyone in their thirties also study abroad? What?

A. I have a lot. There are also people who came to Nils as a hobby since retiring from retirement age.

Q. I have a small child, but are there child care services? What?

A. In addition to preparing kids room in the classic campus, there is a nursery in IT park with Nils.

Q. How long are you coming to study with parents? What?

A. I always see the parents and children in the dining room. Especially it becomes large for large holidays (golden week etc.).

Q. Is security safe? What?

As the Philippine government has designated the IT park as a Special Economic Zone , it is safe because there are always security guards !

Q. What kind of things are necessary for studying abroad? What?

A. I think that you can rest assured that you can read the articles below.

At the end

How about that? Did you have a course that meets your goals? 2019 is a precious year when Golden Week will be 10 consecutive holidays. Why not invest this in yourself and make it a valuable golden week? If you are a bit lost please feel free to contact us first! We are waiting for you in Cebu!