This course is designed for students who wish to learn or improve their English language skill specializing in Business which in turn improve their chances of finding a job at home, career prospects and to be able to work in English speaking countries. This course includes a comprehensive schedule that lets the student learn all the necessary components of the course which are divided into different classes thus gives them the highest advantage in learning within a span of time.

Learning Objectives

 Develop English language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing by having learners engage in a range of communicative tasks and activities.

 Encourage the use of strategies, such as contextualiztion of new vocabulary, use of previewing, skimming and scanning techniques, and knowledge of text organization and discourse markers, to aid the comprehension of written and spoken language.

 Expand the learner's use of grammatically correct, situation-based and culturally appropriate language in speaking and writing for effective communication in a variety of interpersonal and academic situations.

 Create awareness about learning styles and different learning resources, encourage the adoption of study skills, and increase competence in the use of technology so that learners may more effectively achieve academic goals.

 build cross-cultural understanding and confidence in using language through collaboration with classmates, increased participation in activities, and increased interaction within the institution and the larger community.

Course Requirements

 Basic knowledge in the English language and the skills needed to perform well in their whole course duration.

 ESL level of upper beginner or lower intermediate and above.