Cebu Sinulog Festival 2019 is released with lots of photos and videos!

Cebu has the most exciting celebration in the year!!!

The name of the prestigious event is Sinulog Festival! The festival is held annually in Cebu, when you’ve already experienced travelling and studying abroad, The difference is that people don’t act crazy and dangerous when you bump into them. This time, the media team of NILS (Nils) has infiltrated the highlight of the Sinulog Festival . I will introduce it with a lot of photos and videos on the day of the Sinulog Festival!

The biggest festival in Cebu! What is Sinulog Festival?

Sinulog festival, a saint that mimics the childhood of Christ honoring the “Santo Niño”. This “Santo Nino” is a saint sent to the Queen of Cebu at that time when Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan converted Cebuanos to Christians in 1521. A gift from explorer Magellan, a festival worshipping Santo Niño! The authentic Santo Niño saint is enshrined in the oldest church in the Philippines ‘Santo Niño’ ​​church. Each house also had a similar Santo Niño saint and there are cute litte kids who wore costumes who roam around while carrying the Sto.Niño statuette on the day of the Festival. They also use it as decorations that are found everywhere and used as a parade float motif!

The biggest festival in Cebu! Nearly 4 million participated in the event!

4 million participants gather every year from around the world! How much is that since the population of Shizuoka prefecture in 2017 is 3.7 million people, even if all the Shizuoka citizens participate in the Sinulog festival, there are more participants than the population of Shizuoka!

The Sinulog Festival is held every third Sunday of January every year. This year, it was January 20, 2019 (Sun) ! However, although the Sinulog festival is really on Sunday, when I read the homepage on which the Sinulog festival information was written, it was listed from December 1st and I heard that the people in Cebu love the festival. Various events will start in January. And the most exciting thing is Friday and Saturday before the Sinulog, and Sunday! The schedule of this year is shown below.

Friday, January 18, 2019 4:00 AM Marching with Our Lady 7:30 PM 2019 Sinulog Festival Coronation of the Queen, Sinulog Dance Competition (Venue: Cebu City Sports Center) 9:00 PM Concert : Plaza Independencia)

Saturday, January 19, 2019 2:00 AM Mass (Venue: National Shrine of St. Joseph) 6:00 AM Santo Nino ‘s river matrix 1: 00 PM Saint Nino’ ​​s solemn matrix 7:00 PM Sinulog Grand Final (Plaza Independencia, Fireworks at SM City Mall 8:00 PM Concert (Plaza Independencia)

Sunday, January 20, 2019 Sinulog Day 4:00 AM Misa de Translacion 7:30 AM Sinulog 2019 Grand Parade Start (From: Cebu City Sports Center) 4:00 PM Sinulog 2019 Grand Final (Location: Cebu City Sports Center) 9:00 PM Final (fireworks) (Location: Cebu City Sports Center)

The main parade is the most of the upsurge in the festival,There are plenty of special specifications for festivals, such as street vendors and children that are selling in various places, and seats for the parade are already set!

The place to go is Ayala mall, Near Mango Street, near Crown Regency, Osmeña Circle and Santo Nino Church . In particular we recommend turning around the places we want to go. Incidentally, the Nils media team walked south from Ayala Mall and was enthusiastic about “I can go around 1 round!”.

But there were too many people, I skipped one lap… Still he jumps into the crowd and dyes herself colorfully, and reports on how the Nils’ media team covered his body with paint!

A Grand Parade which is one of the main events of the Sinulog Festival and each group performer gathers from the different parts of Cebu.

The scene where each group performers are presenting their brilliant dance.

However, Mango street which is the route of the Grand Parade is so crowded that it is difficult to move even a little distance . How much crowded is it in the next route!

Traffic control is severe, so basically you can not move to the road opposite to the main street. In order to see the parade in a good position, it seems necessary to take a place from the morning or you’ll have to fight for a chair before you can get one.

Also, people can only move when the dancers are taking their break but once they dance again it will be hard for people to move even a bit.

The dancers in the parade break accepted the commemorative photo with pleasure! If you have a camera please do not miss the crowd and go into the parade and have it taken together!

Cebu’s version of packed train! Crowd of Fuente, Osmeña Circle

His celebration, which is close to 4 million people will be held in Fuente, Osmeña Circle (a famous park in Cebu where there is a fountain in the center) from the Santo Nino Church, the center of the Sinulog Festival is connected to the main street.

For example just like a situation inside a train on japan, the train is crowded with people everyday at the grand shrine near the opening of Tokyo Disneyland during summer vacation, people are spreading over a wide area of the whole town and sinulog is something like it.

This is precisely the situation when you’re in a very crowded place. It takes a really hard time in making a move.

People are heading to Osmeña Circle. This spot is the point where the “Sinulog Photo Contest” is going to be held. And it’s one of the reasons that it became a popular spot!

In addition to the crazy thing, people are wiping and splashing colored water and paint in Mango Square in Fuente. Recommended for those who wants to get dirty! “” I want to get dirty! “Because the paint is painted messily from the painter and there’s a big possiblity that it will be wiped in your face, arms and clothes!

As for the Nils media team, if you are going to participate in the Sinulog Festival, I would like you to do this experience!

Fireworks decorate the night sky of Cebu Island

The place where the Nils media team saw fireworks is in front of Rustan’s , which is located at Ayala Mall.

I was able to see the fireworks in the square just around 100 meters in the plaza where the launch site is very close!

Fireworks’ start time was from 9 o’clock, but we recommend that you start picking up places at least 1 hour before the display. You should find a place before the display because if you’re going to do it by the time the fireworks display has already started then the crowd will overflow and the want to watch the view nicely will vanish. After we had a small break at Ayala Mall, we went outside around 8:30 and forcibly proceeded to a level where we could not move anymore, and somehow it was seen.

Since the fireworks display was held in the city, it’s kinda dangerous for some properties to be caught on fire. Fireballs are falling near buildings and we saw a sight that is impossible in Japan because of Safety Standard Basis

Incidentally, the day before the Grand Parade was held in SM City ·After watching the parade of the day, I think that our physical strength is kept until the evening, but those who felt uneasy may see fireworks in SM City·

“Costume”, “Body Paint” and “English Proficiency” to enjoy the Sinulog Festival at Cebu

Let’s get the Sinulog T-shirt for the first time in order to enjoy the
Sinulog Festival to the fullest ! On the day of the event, most of the participants at the Sinulog Festival were wearing a T-shirt that has “Sinulog” on it.

Although there were various designs for T-shirts, as a matter of fact I am wearing a Sinulog T-shirt, so the sense of unity of the participants is born and I can enjoy more in the Sinulog festival! The Sinulog T – shirt has various of designs.

There are of course many shops selling T-shirts near the venue on the day, but as it is better to have less luggage on the day of the event, we recommend you to buy it by the day before. And Ayala Mall is the recommended place where you can buy in advance.

There are several shops selling T-shirts, and the design also varies from store to shop. It is also a nice thing to buy it from 199 pesos because it is cheap!

One is a stall that will paint on the street. Especially when you are walking around the ground parade circle course, you can find stalls that will give body paint at high frequency.

There are strong managers who are doing business only with chairs and paint tools, beyond the stalls of stalls. If paint is a one point, we will give you around 100 pesos .

Furthermore, if you want to make it more loud as it is a precious festival, let’s get “feather hair decoration”! It is colorful and noticeable, and the atmosphere that participates in overseas festivals further boosts the mood. You can also buy this in advance in Ayala Mall or have it near the venue of the day! With English proficiency, information that can not be found on the net can be obtained from local people.

Even if you’ve done enough undertaking, it often happens in the Philippines that you can say “it is different from the story i’ve heard!” If you can hear correct information in English from local people at such time , it will be a great security material. Actually when I asked for a direction, there was a scene that i had to speak English when I ride a motorcycle (they call it habal-habal here), you can negotiate with the price after telling your destination.

Also, at the Sinulog Festival, various idols appear in the parade, but there are quite a few things that I do not know. If you can ask local people to say “What is that idol?” At that time, you will deepen your understanding of the Sinulog Festival. We, the language school NILS has a plan to improve English proficiency, so if you are interested please check it.

Attention and useful information for the Cebu Sinulog Festival. Luggage must be minimal! Do not carry valuable items during Sinulog.

As you introduced, there are a lot of people gathering from around the world anyway, and there are many scenes that are densely popular, and some local people in Cebu are victims of pickpockets each year. Therefore, when you participate in the Sinulog Festival, you should carry as much as you need and as much money as you need.

Especially when you carrying a camera or a smartphone please pay attention. Bring only a small amount of money and smartphone / camera in a zip lock or waterproof case etc and always wear it. By the way, this time the NILS Media Team’s shooting team has seen people with cameras and mobile phones. And those people looked extra careful with their belongings. Incidentally, one of Nils’ media teams put money on the waterproof pouches like 1,000 pesos at 100 pesos, 50 pesos, and 20 pesos finely, tissues, comb, several wet tissues (keep them in thin vinyl bags). I was walking around bringing it, but since it’s necessary I’m okay with it!

Prepare to enjoy = Prepare to be dirty

Let’s prepare to become dirty in order to experience the essence of the Sinulog Festival and to enjoy it. Because it’s impossible that you attend the Grand Parade without colorful paint on you. Let’s expect that you have to throw away clothes you’ve worn. It is highly likely that your face will become dirty, but it’s assured that the paint itself is watery so you can just easily clean it by using facial cleanser.

Smartphone radio waves can not be used during Sinulog!

On the day before the Grand Parade from 3 am to 8 pm all mobile network signals are shut down before and during the grand parade. The reason that mobile network signals are shut down is one of countermeasures against terrorism. Therefore, there is no means to contact you when meeting or deviating from people, so let’s arrange for “when and where to meet” beforehand.

* The Nils media team went out with 9 people at the eve of Sinulog and regretted after taking a taxi for three people. When moving to places, let’s start moving after deciding an easy-to-understand place such as a landmark. Motorcycle (habal-habal) is good for moving means around the venue!

While the Grand Parade is being held, the boulevard of the circulation course is blocked so that cars and motorbikes can’t pass. Therefore, let’s move with shoes that are easy to walk with understanding that it is impossible to use the transportation system unless you leave the round course.

Even if you leave the round course, the road is filled with people. If you use transportation at that time, we recommend a motorcycle(habal-habal) that can pass the crowd even in a small place.

When riding a motorcycle(habal-habal), it will be higher than the normal price range due to the festival, but to prevent things like being a tourist, let’s tell the destination beforehand and negotiate the amount and then ride. By the way, even if you ride in a taxi we do not recommend it much because they are caught up in heavy traffic due to many people attending the Sinulog.

Measures to prevent heat stroke

It is heat stroke that is regarded as a problem every year.
If the weather on the day is sunny, there will be a big possiblity of experiencing heat stroke because it will expose you for a long time under scorching sun . Also, if you stay for a long time in a stuffed state, you will rise to your own body temperature with the enthusiasm of the public, raising the possibility of causing heat stroke. In preparation for such a situation, it is safe to have a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, water and so on. Let’s keep frequent hydration and rest .


That’s all, I reported the Sinulog Festival in 2019 at the fastest time from the site! The Nils media team was able to participate in the Sinulog Festival and had so much fun because I studied various notes and fun points in advance beforehand! When participating in the Sinulog Festival, you can investigate various information and plan a sufficient plan, you can enjoy more festivals . Come to Cebu by all means in line with the January where the Sinulog festival is held!