【Imamura’s experience story】 Reasons on why you should choose NILS (Nils) language school in Cebu

What are your basis in choosing a language school to study abroad? For those who have never been able to study abroad or for those who already has an experience studying abroad… Please choose Nils this time! I was able to interview Mr. Imamura, a veteran who always gives me an encouraging advice. Nils also goes to other schools and I was able to hear Mr. Imamura’s experience who studies at Nils. So please have a look…


Name: Ryosuke Imamura

Age: 57 years old

Gender: Male

Course overview

Duration: 7 weeks
Course length: English 4 frames (reading, speaking, glamor, idiom)
Accommodation: Classic campus (triple room)

It is been three years since the last interview and it’s Mr. Imamura’s fourth time in Nils!

Here is the story of Mr. Imamura’s experience in studying abroad at Nils…

Why did you come to Philippines again?

Interviewer: In the last article, I asked Mr. Imamura why he decided to study abroad… please tell me how you first searched for a school.

Mr. Imamura: Before I came here in Cebu, I saw ten schools. I decided to study Nils about 100 times after asking questions.

Interviewer: Wow! Is it 100 times? (laugh). You really are interested in NILS…

Mr. Imamura: Right! (laugh) So when I came to Nils for the first time, I was uncomfortable at first but I know that I will get used to it.

Interviewer: Did you speak English from the first flight?

Mr. Imamura: No way! (laugh). I’m not comfortable with my English at all and I don’t want strangers to hear me speaking English. I don’t even know if my correct grammar or not.

Interviewer: Yeah…I can not imagine it at all…

When you first came to NILS here in Cebu from your State, you will notice some small changes in what you used to hear such as “you may be able to catch someone speaking English”…

(the teacher is laughing with the words I said.)

At a stroke! I feel rather motivated at first rather than doing it.

Learn English in the morning, noon and evening! I went to Manila to go to school.

Have you ever studied in other school aside from NILS?

Yes, I have. I have been staying at a school in Manila for four weeks since June 2018.

Why did you choose this school?

I chose this school because I wanted to spend time in an English-speaking environment from morning till evening. The school in Manila is in the mountains. It is inconvenient in the mountains but it may be good for those who wants to concentrate in learning English. The reason why Mr. Imamura repeats Nils Family as well!

After studying in Manila, what other reason that wants you to study here in NILS over again?

After all the reason why I still chose Nils is that we have a relationship of trust with the teacher, like a family that I can call.

The connection between students and teacher is important!

Every year, Nils decided to travel for seven or eleven weeks in Japan during winter season (from the end of November to the end of January). In the past two months, we met two or three people who used to teach in Nils more than 10 times so far. The topic that surely comes out when I meet with a repeater is that you can get lots of information to them, like “That school was good!” “This teacher is fun!”

Also, it is fun to meet with new students. Two years ago I hosted an arm wrestling contest!

I can not lose the energy of Mr. Imamura as well. (Laugh).

Interviewer: Did you win the arm wrestling?
Mr. Imamura: Of course! But I did not challenge the battle with the boys who seemed to be strong in the athletics group (laugh).

There are places where you can input and output. And it is very encouraging to have a friend living in the same environment. In my case, I have companions in Japan.

What kind of company are you?
Since I go to an English conversation school in Sendai three to four times a week, I share various things such as studying abroad and English with my colleagues. There are six students who have recommended me to Nils and went to study abroad until now.

Why did you decided to study in Nils?
I did not recommend it, I recommended Nils. We also talked about the information of other schools. But as I talked about Nils’ good and bad places all over and that I went to Nils many times. So what kind of school it is if i’ve already repeated 4 times in it!

Do you apply your learnings in Cebu at the English conversation school in Japan?

Yes. I decided that I should use my knowledge in Japanese English school so that I won’t forget what I’ve learned from Nils. Conversely, in Japan, I saw the Philippine news from BS at 4 o’clock, I applied it so that I can talk to the next teacher and so that i can tell them that i’m from NILS.

After that, I posted English articles on Facebook and I am aware that It will draw the interest of my teacher even if I will return to Japan. I’m working on everything so i could learn something more. I was touched by the teacher to gave me his first homework assignment!

Interviewer: This is the fourth time to study abroad at Nils, was there anything strange about it?

Interviewer: Did you get to answer your homework?

I was not able to answer it. Since the homework that was given is higher than my current level, I focus on preparatory and review especially this time. It was pretty hard (laugh).
If the teacher is knowledgeable with the given topic then i’m 100% sure that the answer is correct!

Interviewer: Have you had any fun during your stay here?

I enjoyed watching football in a sports bar alone this time.
Then the Canadians and the Aussie asked “Which team are you supporting?” I was talking with excitement while watching about 1 hour from there.

Because Filipino people are slow in English, it is easy to hear, so I became a bit confident that i was able to speak English with foreigners outside the Philippines, and it was pure fun.

Interviewer: What will you do if Imamura goes back to Japan?
My future is already decided one and a half years ago. (laugh)

Interviewer: Are you coming to Nils again?
Of course. I will come on the end of November 2019!

Interviewer: Are there any next goals?
This time, my weak point is that I often use words “I know”, so I will take two vocabulary in the next lesson.

Interviewer: Will Imamura continue to learn English from now on?
Yes! Of course. I wish I could go to Malta someday…

Interviewer: Finally, please tell me the charm of Nils!
Because the school regulations are not strict, we can do it freely. But I think that those who can not decide anything by themselves are tight. There is nothing as difficult as managing it yourself. Even in that sense, I was better off triple and quadruple compared to a single room. I think that it can be sharp.

And more than anything, rice is delicious and I think that the dormitory is frugal and clean. You can live without problems at all in the Philippines if you do not seek Japanese purity or perfection.

Speaking of extreme arguments, there are good and bad parts at any school and location, so I think that it is the only part that you can grasp only the good part on your own.

Interviewer: Mr. Imamura, thank you very much!

Finally, when studying abroad there is an image that needed a little preparedness with all the money and time, but it is very positive that I can make my own life by listening to Mr. Imamura’s story. The feelings will spring up. When you study abroad, choosing a school is important. A school with a high repeat rate is a “highly satisfying school”. Please also check if you are repeating as one of the criteria for choosing school.